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Setting up GPS Start/Finish Lines using VBOX 3i RTK


Instead of using a laser light barrier to trigger the start of the Pass-By Noise test, a VBOX 3i RTK (VB3iDR) can be used to set the start and finish lines when used with an RTK Base Station or NTRIP solution. This means that the test vehicle does not have to come to a stop between test runs.


  • 1 x RLVB3i; 100 Hz GPS Data Logger
  • 1 x RLACS112L; Optional 5 Ahr Li Ion battery pack if vehicle power not possible
  • 1 x RLRTM24MBS; Vehicle Telemetry Radio
  • 1 x DGPS radio modem and RTK Base Station
  • 1 x RLCAB005 (Racelogic) or RLCAB069L (Satel) DGPS radio modem to VBOX cable 
  • 1 x PC or Tablet
  • 1 x RLCAB081; Optional cable if using both a Telemetry Radio and CAN Input from test vehicle

hardware_config (1).png

VB3i Setup

To configure DGPS/RTK in the VBOX 3i, follow the instructions here.

Detailed instructions on how to create virtual GPS Start lines within the Pass-By Noise Software Plug-ins are available within in the VBOX Test Suite EPAR41, R51R117 and R138 user manual pages.

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