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VBO File Edit


Open Excel (you cannot click on the VBO file and select open with as you will not get the import text wizard to initialize).

Load file into Excel and this import text wizard will appear.

1 (1).png

Delimited should be selected automatically so click next to continue.

2 (1).png

Step two will require you to un tick the tab option and tick space then next to continue.

3 (1).png

Again step three has general already ticked so we can go straight to the finish button. Your file should now be loaded into Excel in a format that can be easily edited to add/remove data or time align.

Once you have finished editing the file will need to be saved out as a tab delimited file.

4 (1).jpg

The software will then ask if you wish to leave out incompatible features and we require the format to stay the same so answer yes to this question. The file will then be saved to the desktop with the file extension .txt.

5 (1).png

This file should now be in a format that is readable by VBOX Tools however to get it to load you will need to alter the file extension to .vbo. the icon should change to one of a VBO file.

6 (1).png
The data formatting is fine to use with VBOX Tools now but still not identical to when the VBOX produced it however if the data is loaded into VBOX Tools and then saved out again this will correct any discrepancy in the format. 7 (1).png
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