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VBO File Sizes

The table below shows the amount of data logged (standard channels) to a compact flash card over a period of time. You can use the table to work out the right size compact flash/SD card to use when you are using your Racelogic product.

Note: The figure showed for the Video VBOX is only the amount used by the 'vbo' file not the camera as well. 
Units 10 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes
VBOX3i (100 Hz) 5.3 MB 15.8 MB 31.5 MB
VBOX2sx (20 Hz) 1.3 MB 3.9 MB 7.7 MB
Video VBOX (10 Hz) 640 kB 2.0 MB 3.9 MB
Drift Box (10 Hz) 320 kB 960 kB 2.0 MB

From the information above you can work out other running time amounts for example:

6 hours VBOX3i logging time with standard channels would be 6 x 31,440 kB = 188,640 kB so a 256 MB or more CF card would be fine. 

Unit 10 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes
VBOX3i (100 Hz) 79.5 MB 238.5 MB 477 MB
VBOX2sx (20 Hz) 5.5 MB 16.4 MB 32.7 MB

The table above shows the same data but when using standard channels + 32 other channels for the VBOX3i and standard channels + 24 other channels for the VBOX2sx.
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