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How Do We Test ADAS Equipped Vehicles?


The Racelogic solution utilises 100 Hz GPS data loggers (VB3iSL-RTK) to measure relative position from the subject vehicle to lane edges, static points or up to two moving vehicles.

Each VB3iSL-RTK unit receives an RTK (real time kinematic) DGPS correction message from a local GPS Base station to gain the positional accuracy required to measure ADAS parameters to 2 cm accuracy.

The RTK DGPS correction message can be supplied via a radio link by a locally placed static Base station, or by another VB3iSL-RTK acting as a ‘Moving Base’. The configuration of both modes is explained in this manual.

Data output

Each VBOX outputs its data via a CAN bus, so that the Racelogic ADAS solution can be integrated with a 3rd party data acquisition system.

CAN Logging

The Racelogic ADAS test solution is also able to log other parameters from the test vehicle, via CAN bus and analogue or digital inputs.


As a further test enhancement/requirement synchronised video can also be recorded by the connection of a Video VBOX system. 

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