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MFD Touch Parameter Alerts

You can have LED, buzzer and/or screen alerts for a display parameter. These alerts provide a simple and efficient method of notifying you when a defined condition is met.

You can configure these alerts, by pressing and holding or double-tapping the existing parameter area to open up the Settings menu.

MFD Touch Parameter Change.png
Numerical Screen Example

Access the Alerts menu by pressing the Forward Forward Arrow.png arrow at the bottom right of the screen or by swiping left. 

MFD Touch Numerical Settings 2.png
Numerical Alerts Screen Example

Note: Alerts cannot be defined for UTC Time, Longitude or Latitude parameters.

Define Alert Condition

Press the Select button next to Condition to cycle through the available options: Equal To, Not Equal To, Less Than, Less or Equal To, Greater Than (default), Greater or Equal To, Between, or Not Between. You can then define the alert condition value(s) by pressing the value box and using the presented keypad.

MFD Touch Numerical Settings Conditions.png MFD Touch Numerical Settings Alert Keypad.png
Alert Value Keypad Example

Save the selected value by pressing the Confirm button Confirm Button.png in the bottom right corner. Press the Cancel button Cancel Button.png in the bottom left corner to return to the Settings screen without saving.

Note: The only Target Screen alert conditions available are for when a value is Out of (default) or Within the Defined Target Value Tolerance.

Define Alert Type

Choose if you would like LED, buzzer and/or screen alerts by tapping on the corresponding buttons on the right-hand side of the Alerts menu.

  • LED Alert: Solid or flashing red LED visual alert when the Defined Alert Condition is met.
  • Buzzer Alert: Audible alert when the Defined Alert Condition is met.
  • Screen Alert: Background or target zone of the parameter changes colour when the Defined Alert Condition is met. The standard background colour for this alert is yellow, however, you can change this by pressing the current background alert colour and using the presented RGB sliders to define your new colour.
MFD Touch Numerical Settings Alert Colour (680x440).png
Screen Alert Colour Configuration Example
MFD Touch_1 Numerical (680x440) Yellow Screen Alert.png
Numerical Screen Alert Example

Save your colour selection by pressing the Confirm button Confirm Button.png in the bottom right corner. Press the Cancel button Cancel Button.png in the bottom left corner to return the Settings screen without saving.

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