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03 - VBOX Manager Logging Screen


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START Start logging. The NEXT FILE parameter shows the filename that will be created when logging begins.
FILENAME This option allows the user to create a new directory and filename for the VBOX data files. For example, if a filename BRAKE is entered, the VBOX will create a directory called BRAKE on the compact flash card and any subsequent data files will be named BRAKE001.VBO, BRAKE002.VBO, etc.
SETUP This option moves to the SETUP menu for configuration of the VBOX Manager.

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STOP If the button is pressed in this display, the VBOX will stop logging and the display will show the KEEP, CONTINUE & DELETE menu options.

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ARMED If the START option is selected when the VB3i SL has log mode set to ‘log when moving’, the screen will show ARMED.  This indicates that the recording media has been detected, and the unit is waiting for starting conditions to be met before logging commences.  The upcoming filename will be displayed under the cross-hair image.  If no recording media is detected, there will be a ‘No Card!’ message.

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KEEP KEEP File. This option will close the current data file and open a new file with the filename number incremented by one.
CONTINUE This option will start logging again to the currently open file.
DELETE Delete the currently open file and open a new file with the same file name. When DELETE is selected the display will ask the user to confirm before deleting the file to prevent accidental erasure.


File naming 

Click on the “FILENAME” menu option to enter a screen which allows the creation and selection of logical directories and file names. For example, the following directories could be made on the card: ACCEL, BRAKE, and COAST.

In the VBOX Manager, it is then possible to select any of these directories as the locations of data files logged by the VBOX. For example, selecting the ‘ACCEL’ directory will create the files ‘ACCEL001.VBO’, then ‘ACCEL002.VBO’, then ‘ACCEL003.VBO’, and so on, each within the ACCEL directory.

NOTE: The following words cannot be used as file names due to a clash with processor commands


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