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CSI - Data Sheet

In automotive testing, it is often necessary to have access to a vehicle or engine speed signal. The widespread use of CAN bus networking in modern vehicle wiring means that tapping into these signals is becoming ever more difficult.

Therefore, Racelogic have developed the CSI to give test engineers speed pulse signals directly from a vehicle CAN bus. No configuration is necessary as the CSI is able to determine the vehicle make that it is fitted to and automatically extract the speed information from the CAN bus.

rlcsi01v3 (1).jpg

Inputs and Outputs

Outputs (BNC Connector) Signal Amplitude
Vehicle Speed Approximately 3600 pulses per mile =Voltage applied to Pin 9
Engine Speed 2 pulses per revolution =Voltage applied to Pin 9


Inputs (9 way Sub D)  
Power +6v to +16v DC, Approx 30mA
CAN Bus Automatic detection of vehicle make* (see note)

 *Racelogic work continuously to update the vehicle makes covered by the CSI. Most European and Japanese vehicle makes that use CAN Bus are covered. 

Connector Details

CAN Bus / Power (9 Way sub D)

2 (1).png

Pin I/O Function
1 -  
3 -  
4 -  
5 -  
6 I Ground
8 -  
9 I + Power

Package Contents

Description Product Code
1 x CAN Bus Speed interface RLCSI01-V2
1 x CAN Bus Speed interface RLCSI01-V2

Optional extra

Description Product Code
1 x OBD II connection cable RLCAB020*






Current Vehicle Coverage

At the time of writing, embedded CSI firmware contains CAN data for the following manufacturers:

Aston Martin Jaguar Porsche
Alfa Romeo Jeep Renault
Audi Land Rover Rover
BMW Lexus Saab
Chrysler Mazda Skoda
Citroen Mercedes Smart
Fiat Mini Suzuki
Ford Mitsubishi Toyota
GM Vauxhall / Opel Nissan VW
Honda Peugeot Volvo


Please check our vehicle CAN database page online for further details of models covered.


*On some vehicle makes, CAN Bus information is available on the OBD-II connector. Please note however that this is not the case on all CAN bus equipped vehicles. Where CAN bus is not available on the OBD connector, it may be required to tap directly into the vehicle wiring loom. Please check our vehicle CAN database for advice on CAN bus location for specific vehicles.

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