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IMU04 - Technical Specification



Gyroscopes (Angular rate sensors)¹
Dynamic range ±450°/s
Nonlinearity (% of full scale) 0.01%
Effective resolution² V1: 16 bit ADC (<0.01°/s)V2: 20 bit (0.00085°/s)
Bandwidth 50 Hz
Noise density (random walk) V1: 0.015°/s/√Hz; V2: 0.01°/s/√Hz (0.6°/√hr)
Bias stability V1: ±0.0035°/s; V2: ±0.0028°/s (10°/hr)
Bias repeatability (1 year) V1: 0.5°/s; V2: 0.2°/s


Range V1: ±5gV2: ±20 g
Nonlinearity (±1 g)³ 0.03%
Effective resolution² V1: 16 bit ADC (0.15 mg); V2: 20 bit (0.00004 g)
Bandwidth 50 Hz
Noise density (random walk) V1: 150 µg/√Hz; V2: 90 µg/√Hz (0.0353 m/s/√Hr)
Bias stability V1: 40 µg; V2: 15 µg
Bias repeatability (1 year) 0.005 g

Roll, Pitch and Raw Angle Accuracy

When used as an INS in conjunction with a VBOX 3i.

Attitude Accuracy (RMS)
Pitch angle 0.06°
Roll angle 0.06°
Yaw Angle 0.5°


¹Inertial measurement sensors are highly sensitive mechanical systems. Their performance and life span can be impacted by severe vibration or heavy knocks, and we can only guarantee the gyroscope and accelerometer specifications for a maximum of 2 years from the date of purchase.

²Effective resolution is after allowing for oversampling and averaging.

³For full scale range of ±20 g the nonlinearity is 0.1%.

Temperature Sensor
Temperature calibration range V1: 0 – 55°C; V2: -40˚C to +105˚C
Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Environmental and Physical
Current ~150 mA (V2)
Voltage V1: 7 – 30 V DC; V2: 8 – 30 V DC
Operating temperature  V1: -20°C to +70°C; V2: -40°C to +85°C
Maximum ratings (shock) Powered (0.5 ms): 2000 g
Unit Weight 156 g
IP rating IP65 (IP67 providing unused connectors are fitted with Lemo bungs (RLACS080))
Dimensions 60 x 76 x 29 mm
Output rate 100 Hz
Channels Roll Rate, Pitch Rate, Yaw Rate, X Acceleration, Y Acceleration, Z Acceleration and Temperature

Unit Dimensions



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