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01 - MIM Introduction


The VBOX mini input module is a general-purpose input/output module designed for use by either the VBOX Mini or existing VBOX products.

This module allows data such as Temperature, RPM, Wheel Speed, Fuel Flow, Throttle angles and Pedal forces to be easily measured along with the VBOX GPS data.



  • 8 x 14 bit  Analogue inputs, 0 – 14 V
  • 1 x Digital State Input for event marker
  • 1 x Wheel Speed Input with automatic gain control
  • 1 x Low-Tension RPM input
  • 2 x K-Type thermocouple interface 0 – 1000ºC


  • 1 x Digital Output*
  • 1 x Analogue Output*

* Analogue and Digital outputs only available when used with a VBOX Mini.

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