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04 - MIM Connecting to VBOX


The CAN cable connection between a VBOX and the MIM01 can be connected to either DATA1 or DATA2 socket as they share the same CAN connections.

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Two CAN connections are provided to allow the MIM01 to be daisy chained with more VBOX input modules.

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Configuring the MIM01 when connected to a VBOX

When a MIM01 is connected to a VBOX other than the VBOX Mini, the input channels are configured through either VBOX Setup Software or VBOX setup within VBOX Tools Software. With the MIM01 connected to the VBOX via the CAB05-C cable, ensure that the VBOX is powered and connected to the PC serial port. Click VBOX Setup on the main menu bar. When the VBOX setup window appears, an Input modules tab should be present on the Channels page.

Click the Input Modules tab to bring the tabbed page into view. The serial number and firmware version of the module is displayed in the Input Module tab, below that are the Channel Buttons for each of the available inputs along with check boxes for enabling individual channels for logging and inclusion in the serial data stream.


Configuring an input channel

To configure a channel, click the corresponding channel button. A channel setup window will appear showing the current settings.

The Channel Name and Units can be changed for each of the input channels and a scale and offset can also be applied to selected input channels. On the Digital input channels there are further options to optimise the input.

Analogue input channel setup

Edit the Name, units, scale or offset, then click the Apply button for the changes to be saved.

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Channel Name

The user can change the channel name to provide a meaningful description for the input channel,


The ‘Units’ option does not alter the recorded data. It is only a description for the user to understand the data. The value of the data is only affected by the scale and offset values.


The scale value corresponds to M in the equation Y=MX+C that is applied to the input signal.


The offset value corresponds to C in the equation Y=MX+C. 

Click here for more details on calculating Scale and Offset 

Thermocouple input channel setup

The Name and Units can be edited and the temperature range selected using the drop down menu. The scale and offset is preset when Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin are chosen as units.

3 (1).png 4 (1).png

If User Defined is chosen then the Scale and Offset can also be changed.  After making changes click the Apply button to apply the new settings.

Digital input channel 1 setup

The Name, Units, Scale and Offset can be edited for each of the digital inputs. There are also further modes and settings that can be configured on each Digital input channel, these modes and options are set via drop down boxes. For an explanation of the modes and options see the Digital Inputs section.

Digital input channel 3 is dedicated to RPM calculation and has an option box to set the pulses per revolution.

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