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06 - MIM Connecting to 3rd party logger


The MIM01 can be configured to run in a Stand Alone CAN Bus mode using a RLVBCAB01 cable and VBOX Setup software.

Note that this cable must be ordered separately from the Mini Input Module.

  1. Connect the DATA1 socket on the MIM01 to a PC using the RLVBCAB01 cable.
  2. Power up the MIM01 using a suitable 12 V power source, this can be done using the RLCAB005C or RLCAB090-C when connected to a powered Video VBOX unit. 
  3. Run the VBOX Setup software, available from the VBOX Automotive website.
  4. Select the correct COM port that the MIM01 is connected to (check device manager to confirm).
  5. Make the changes required and then click the 'Write Setup to Module' button.

Note: When any change is made using the Module Setup Software the POWER MUST BE CYCLED for the change to take effect! 


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