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How to Coldstart VB3iS

A coldstart may be required when:

  • The GNSS engine has locked up
  • VB3iS is struggling to acquire satellite lock

A coldstart forces the GNSS engine to reset its downloaded almanac of current satellite positions. This can be useful if VB3iS is having trouble locking onto satellites, which typically occurs if the speed sensor has not been used for several weeks or if it was last used a long distance (over one thousand miles) away from the current location.

After performing a coldstart, leave VB3iS powered up in a static location where the antenna has an unobstructed view of the sky until the display reads 'OK'.

Once VB3iS has downloaded the new almanac, it will reacquire satellites in noisy situations (such as near trees, buildings and under bridges) much quicker. It will also acquire satellites much quicker on power-up.

The VB3iS can be coldstarted via the VBOX Setup Softwarethe Front Panel of the unit or using the VBOX Manager. All GNSS settings are retained after the process.

VBOX Setup Software

  1. Ensure VB3iS is powered.
  2. Connect VB3iS to a computer using the supplied loom, connect the serial plug labelled 'Config' to the computer's serial port, this can be done via a serial > USB convertor if required.
  3. Open VBOX Setup and connect to VB3iS by selecting the correct COM Port.
  4. Select the 'GNSS' menu and then the 'Settings' tab.
  1. Select 'GNSS coldstart' from the GPS information section.

VB3iS Coldstart VBS.png

Front Panel

  1. Press the 'OK' button to enter the menu, navigate to 'GNSS' and press the 'OK' button.
VB3iS Coldstart Front Panel1.png  
  1. Navigate to 'GNSS Coldstart' and press the 'OK' button. 'In Progress' will be displayed, showing that the coldstart has been performed and the GNSS engine is now not locked onto any satellites.
VB3iS Coldstart Front Panel2.png VB3iS Coldstart Front Panel3.png
  1. After approximately 30 – 45 seconds, the display will read 'OK'.
VB3iS Coldstart Front Panel4.png  
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