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VB3iS - Updating the Firmware

Firmware refers to the operating software inside VB3iS. The firmware is responsible for all of the functions within the VB3iS and from time to time, firmware updates will be released by Racelogic to improve or enhance the way that VB3iS works.

The latest firmware will always be available in the firmware section of the VBOX Automotive website.

It is recommended to check the web site periodically for updates. The VB3iS upgrade files have a '.ruf' file extension.

To upgrade the VB3iS firmware:

  1. Download the Latest VB3iS Firmware File from the VBOX Automotive website and copy this file onto your computer.
  2. Download the Racelogic Upgrader Software from the software section of the VBOX Automotive website.
    Note: Please ensure that the latest version of Racelogic Upgrader is installed.
  3. Ensure VB3iS is powered.
  4. Connect VB3iS to the computer using the supplied loom, connect an RLCAB001 cable to the 'CONFIG' lead and connect the serial plug to the computers serial port – this can be done via a serial > USB convertor if required.
  5. Ensure that other software which may try and use the COM port communications, such as VBOX Setup is closed.
  6. Either ‘double click’ on the ‘.ruf’ firmware upgrade file, which auto runs the Upgrader software, or run the Upgrader software and load in the ‘.ruf’ firmware upgrade file.

VB3iS Upgrader.png

  1. Ensure the correct COM port is selected within 'Options' and press ‘Upgrade' to start the process.
  2. During the update, the Front Panel will display an ‘Upgrading…’ message along with a progress bar.
  3. Once complete, the unit will restart.
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