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01 - VB3iS Introduction

VBOX 3iS is a compact, GNSS-aided inertial navigation system (INS) with a built-in OLED display. Combining wheel speed and survey-grade 100 Hz GNSS measurements with an Inertial Measurement Unit, the VBOX 3iS offers accurate position, speed, acceleration, attitude and angular rate data.

VBOX 3iS is available with RTK and DGNSS for even greater positional accuracy when used in conjunction with VBOX Base Station or an alternative RTCMv3 service like NTRIP. This allows it to be used for robot guidance and as a moving target, as part of a VBOX ADAS setup. In GNSS denied environments, such as tunnels and deep urban canyons, combining wheel speed information with GNSS and inertial data in a Kalman filter yields a significant improvement in the accuracy of the estimated speed and position.

Only 130 mm in length, the sensor is easy to mount and transport, making it ideal for automotive, motorsport, marine, and telematics testing and development.

VB3iS Rear view.png VB3iS Front view.png


VB3iS has a host of features which makes it a very powerful and flexible piece of vehicle testing equipment.

  • High Performance 100 Hz GPS and GLONASS receiver
  • Integrated Inertial Measurement Unit
  • Built in display for easy configuration and diagnostics
  • CAN Bus output includes: Speed, Body Heading, Pitch and Roll Angles, Brake Stop Distance, Radius of Turn, Accelerometer and Gyro data
  • Serial output of NMEA and attitude channels
  • User configurable digital output
  • Virtual lap beacon output
  • Compatible with DGNSS and RTK Base Stations
  • Rugged Deutsch ASDD Autosport connector
  • High quality aluminium enclosure
  • IP67 rated: water + dust proof
  • Wide 6.5 – 30 V operating range and low current consumption
  • Oversampled event marker to precisely capture the start of tests such as braking

Power Supply

VB3iS is powered via the 'POWER' and 'GROUND' leads or the 'CAN + POWER' lead on the supplied loom. VB3iS can be powered from a wide range of voltage sources. The maximum operating voltage input must not exceed 30 V DC. Failure to observe this could result in damage to the VBOX.

VB3iS has been designed to generate as little heat as possible and it has a wide operating temperature range. However, it is good practice to mount VB3iS in a position where it has sufficient airflow around the case.

IMPORTANT - You must connect the GNSS antenna before connecting power to VB3iS.


VB3iS Inputs Outputs.png

Mounting VBOX 3iS

The speed sensor can be either mounted rigidly to the vehicle, preferably mid-way along the wheelbase, or can be secured using a Racelogic Mounting Arm, more information can be found here.