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RACELOGIC Support Centre

11 - VB3iS Troubleshooting

Trouble locking onto satellites

If the VB3iS is having trouble locking onto satellites then please follow the checklist below for typical solutions. 

Common problems with GNSS antennas is due to damage to the cable and the connector.

The cable should be placed in a position that avoids tight angles being inflicted on the cable, as this can damage the thin core. The VB3iS should also be securely positioned to avoid the cable/connector join being strained in violent vehicle manoeuvres.

  • Ensure that the antenna is placed in a position where it has an unobstructed view of the sky (see GNSS Antenna Placement below).
  • Check the antenna connection with the VB3iS; only small amounts of dirt in the socket can cause a significant reduction in signal strength. Also check the cable at the plug and along its length for any damage.
  • Check that the power supply is connected and free from damage.
  • If possible try another known working antenna, to confirm antenna functionality.
  • Perform a GNSS Coldstart and then leave the unit powered up in an open static position for at least 15 minutes.

GNSS antenna placement

For optimum GNSS signal reception, make sure that the antenna is fitted to the highest point of the vehicle away from any obstructions that may block satellite reception. The GNSS antenna works best with a metal ground plane underneath, silver foil, or a metal plate beneath the antenna can improve reception significantly if you don’t have a large metal roof.

Click here for more information on antenna placement.


Computer detecting VB3iS as a mouse

When connecting VB3iS to a computer over serial, it is possible the unit will get detected as a mouse. If this happens, the cursor will start to move around the screen randomly, clicking randomly, etc.

To remedy this, remove VB3iS from power and go into the Device Manager -> Mice and other pointing devices menu on the computer. Find the new/extra mouse or trackpad that is listed and Disable it (don’t uninstall). This will prevent it from happening again.