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05 - VB3iS VBOX Setup ADAS

This menu is only presented with the VB3iSR RTK variant.

The ADAS menu can be used to select if VB3iS will be used as a Target Vehicle in either 1 Target, 2 Target or 3 Target mode within ADAS applications, more information can be found here.

VB3iS VBOX Setup ADAS.png

Use the dropdown menus to select the desired ADAS mode and submode.

  • Off (default) - ADAS Mode is off. Submode is not selectable.
  • 1 Target - Configures VB3iS for 1 Target Mode.
  • 2 Target - Configures VB3iS for 2 Target Mode. Target 1 and Target 2 submodes available.
  • 3 Target - Configures VB3iS for 3 Target Mode. Target 1, Target 2 and Target 3 submodes available.
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