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02 - Telemetry Antenna Placement

To ensure the best range possible, radio antennas should be placed at the highest possible position on your vehicle's roof.

ADAS Antenna Placement - Base Station Setup

The transmission of the 2.4 GHz VBOX to VBOX Radio Antenna is very direct and has a narrow beam width. To ensure the best range possible, radio antennas should be placed ...

  • On the highest part of the vehicle roof.
  • Away from any nearby obstructions that could cause a potential blockage to the path of the signal.
  • On a 90º angle to the roof to ensure maximum transmission power in the horizontal plane.
  • At least 50 cm away from other radio antennas.



Using a telescopic antenna mast for the Base Station Radio Module will help to maximise the range (Mast mount radio option - RLACS153-24).


rad1 (1).jpg

ADAS Antenna Placement - Moving Base Setup

In a Moving Base setup (and if you are using only 2.4 GHz radios in a static Base Station setup) the RTK DGPS correction radio antenna has the same height as the VBOX to VBOX Comms radio antenna (24TR).

To eliminate near-field RF interference, which can occur when radios transmit or receive radio frequency messages on the same height, all server radios in a Moving Base System (RLRTM24MBS) have been replaced by a longer radio antenna as of 1st December 2013.

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