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09 - Telemetry Radios - Technical Specification

Current Product Range

Please refer to the individual datasheets on the VBOX Automotive website for our current telemetry radio range. 

Legacy Products

TM4 Radios
Input voltage 6 to 30 V DC
Input current - Receiving <50 mA
Input current - Transmitting <200 mA
Radio transmission power 500 mW
Carrier Frequency 868 MHz (Euro) 915 MHz (USA)
Radio data rate 38400 kbit/s
RS232 data rate 115200 kbit/s

The range of reliable transmission with a telemetry system depends on the antenna position and environment:

Environment Range
Difficult environment (blocked by buildings or trees) 300 m (1000 ft)
Open environment with antennas at low level (clear view with antennas on car roofs) 700 m (2300 ft)
Open environment with antennas at height (clear view with antennas mounted on masts of building rooftops) up to 3500 m (11000 ft)

As an example of performance, Base Station telemetry communication range has been measured at distances of around 10000 m when the antennas were on hilltops with line of sight.

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