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How does VBOX 3i store 32 bit integer and 64 bit floating point numbers?


There is a limitation within the VBOX, the internal memory stores are set up for single precision floating point numbers. This means numerical values with more than 7 significant digits will be truncated and stored, ultimately losing resolution. 

This is typically an issue for 32 bit integer and 64bit floating point numbers, the VBOX will store them but resolution will be lost. We will look into this and hopefully in the near future support these number types (potentially will be a firmware upgrade). 

A possible work around for this is to break the message into 2 parts (32 bit integer broken into 2 x 16 bit integers) then stitch them together later on. 

Example number 123456789 / hex is 75BCD15. 

Break this number into two parts 75B & CD15

Calculation for hex


or calculation for decimal