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VB3i Firmware Features - V2.3

This is not the current firmware version!


Enhancements/ New Features

  • Robot Control (new VBFMAN required 2.52+)

This feature allows one click VBOX configuration setup for integration with third party vehicle robots.  This supports the following companies:



ABD – Path follow, Open Loop and Pedestrian Modes


  • ADAS contact point reference

 Additional channels have been added to show the current contact point being referenced between the subject and target vehicles.

The channel name indicates the reference point (i.e. PntSv_tg1 is contact point used on subject vehicle to target vehicle 1)


  • Single antenna smoothing heading threshold now set to 5kmh  as the default setting

When in single antenna mode, if the speed drops below 5Kmh, the VBOX will continue to calculate heading from the last known heading, prior to the drop in speed.

*Only applicable when set via VBOX Manager


  • Logging strategy changed. 

The VBOX will now write to the CF card at any time when the configured logging conditions are true (continuous & log only when moving). The logging can be stopped by the front panel and VBOX File Manager.

Logging will now restart when the condition is met again (I.e. vehicle drops to zero, then moves off), as opposed to the previous function whereby stopping the log via the front panel or using the VBOX File Manager returned the VBOX to manual record mode.


  • Multi Static ADAS Mode

Please note, this version does not currently support Multi Static ADAS Mode. This feature is being worked on and will be added into a future release. Customers using this mode should remain on Version 2.2.

Kalman Filter  
  • Kalman Filter Expansion – ADAS mode

A newly introduced mode recommended for use in ADAS applications.  This mode handles positional jumps in GPS dropout scenarios better (i.e. RTK Fixed dropout).  *Note that these modes are only selectable in the VBOX File Manager from the IMU menu.

For applications where speed is crucial, such as brake stops, ADAS mode 'OFF' is to be used, this uses the existing Kalman Filter settings (with slight improvements made in 2.3) 

*Note, reinstallation is required when changing between modes.


  • Pitch & Roll offset worked back in to KF translation

ANGLE OFFSET can performed via VBOX MANAGER.  When performed, this allows for increased accuracy when the IMU is placed a few degrees out through mounting (i.e. x,y,z axis not in same coordinate frame as x,y,z of car)

VB3i Angle offset.png


  • Gyro offset calibration for IMU03

This adds the ability to zero the gyro bias from an IMU module when in IMU filter enabled mode. The GYRO OFFSET routine is present in the IMU filter menu of VBOX Manager.  This did not previously work with the IMU03.

  •  IMU coasting (solution type 6)

When running the IMU Kalman Filter, this allows ADAS calculations to use positional data derived from the Kalman filter routines during satellite drop-outs.

  • IMU Attitude channels added to customer VCI bus

When IMU integration is enabled, attitude channels can now output on, and can be logged from, customers VCI Bus on 0x323.

*Note: IMU04 only (updated .dbc required)

  • Firmware version added to CAN output

Firmware split in to Major, Minor and build number components. This is output on 0x324 (updated .dbc required)  


  • Topnet Live

This is a new mode added to the DGPS options, allowing users to use Network based RTK solutions.

Minor Features
  • Elevation mask has been added to the file header
  • A status bit has been added to indicate successful dual antenna lock. This is indicated within the raw log file by displaying a satellite count  jump of 32.


  • Time to collision calculation improvements
  • Link time increment for static point added to improve ABD robot integration
  • CAN pass through channel data is now synchronized to the updating of CAN channels –This prevents CAN pass through dropouts when IMU integration is enabled
  • Correct enabling of RTCMv3 directly from moving base mode - No longer need to select 'None' and then select 'RTCMv3'
  • Angle offset data for IMU is now applied to output channels (VCI, CAN pass through, analog) rather than only the raw IMU data

VBOX Manager

  • Support for Robot Mode added
  • Support for Topnet DGPS Mode added
  • Dual antenna enabled warning message - This prompts the user to ensure that they have two antennas connected (speed is noisy when single antenna connected in dual antenna mode)
  • Support for VCI Baud rate and Termination control added

VBOX Tools

  • Live serial data is now temporarily suspended (to live windows) when user is selecting or modifying a live serial window.  Users should notice a live channel selection performance improvement, especially on tablets.
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