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05 - VB3i Logging


Logging modes

The logging method can be set within VBOX Setup. There are three options which operate as described below.

Log continuously

With ‘log continuously’ ticked the VBOX will log data, regardless of movement, whenever powered with media detected.

Log only when moving

With ‘log only when moving’ ticked then the VBOX will only log data to the CF card when it detects speed >0.5 km/h.


The advanced logging option on the VBOX 3i allows any of the logged data channels to be used to trigger the logging on the VBOX.

This facility allows a threshold value to be set as either > or < so that the logging will start or stop when a data value is exceeded (or not).

Multiple data channels can be combined in a Boolean ‘OR’ manner to control the logging.

Compact Flash Memory Cards

The VBOX stores logged data onto CF cards. The CF cards available from Racelogic are already optimised for use on the VBOX and as such do not need formatting before use. Should the CF Card need formatting due to card errors it can be done through Windows, as the VBOX supports the following format type:

  • FAT
  • FAT16
  • FAT32

To guarantee compatibility with VBOX 3i, please purchase CF cards direct from Racelogic, via a Racelogic Distributor or contact us to confirm card compatibility.


  • The VBOX3i only supports CF cards up to a maximum size of 32 GB - cards larger than this may not be correctly detected by the VBOX and may fail to capture data.
  • UDMA 7 CF cards are not compatible with the VBOX 3i.

Important - Do not remove the CF card or power down whilst the CF LED is flashing. If you need to remove the card or power down whilst the CF LED is flashing, then press the LOG button first to stop the VBOX logging. Failure to do so will result in data loss or corruption.

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