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07 - VB3i VBOX Setup ADAS


The ADAS menu can be used to select if VB3i will be used as a Target Vehicle in either 1 Target, 2 Target or 3 Target mode within ADAS applications, more information can be found here.

VB3i VBOX Setup ADAS.png

  1. ADAS Mode

Use the dropdown menus to select the desired ADAS mode and submode.

  • Off: ADAS mode is off. Submode is not selectable.
  • 1 Target: Configures the VBOX for 1 target mode. Subject and Target submodes available. When Subject is chosen, a 'Data at target' checkbox appears (only available with firmware V2.6 and above) which enables vehicle separation parameters to be calculated at the Target Vehicle as well as the Subject Vehicle. If this is enabled, the total operational range of the units may be reduced, more information on this is available here.
  • 2 Target: Configures the VBOX for 2 target mode. Subject, Target 1 and Target 2 submodes available.
  • 3 Target (only available with firmware V2.6 and above): Configures the VBOX for 3 target mode. Subject, Target 1, Target 2 and Target 3 submodes available.
  • Static point: Configures the VBOX for Static point mode. Submode is not selectable.
  • Lane departure: Configures the VBOX for Lane departure mode. Lane 1, Lane 2 and Lane 3 submodes available.
  • Multi static point: Configures the VBOX for Multi static point mode. Submode is not selectable.
  1. ADAS Smoothing

Set a speed threshold to lock the heading to the last value above the set speed and a smoothing distance over which heading is calculated. The higher the distance the more accurate the value, however it will change slower when the heading changes.

Note: Smoothing is only applied in single antenna operation.

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