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VBO File Format


VBOX data files are saved in standard space de-limited text format. This allows the data to easily be imported into third party applications such as word processors or spreadsheets. The files each contain a header section before the main data that describes the channel content and information about the VBOX such as serial number and firmware version.

The [column names] parameter specifies the data in each column of the data section.

Below is an example of the format with data explanations.

File created on 31/07/2006 at 09:55:20 'generated from the VBOX internal Real time clock'

[header] 'list of the titles of each logged channel'





velocity kmh



vertical velocity kmh

trigger event time in clock counts

[channel units] 'lists the units of any input module channels'


(c) 2001 2003 Racelogic
VBox II Version 4.5a 'VBOX firmware version'
GPS : SSX2g 'GPS type and firmware version'
Serial Number : 005201
CF Version 2.1d
Log Rate (Hz) : 02.00
Software Version : 1.4.5 (Build 005) 'software version (only present on files that have been re-saved through VBOX Tools)'

Security Code : %//+$%00"0/0+

[column names]

sats time lat long velocity heading height vertvel event1

[data] 'VBOX data in space delimited column format'

137 162235.40 +03119.09973 +00058.49277 000.140 321.85 +00152.58 +000.000 00000

137 162235.90 +03119.09973 +00058.49277 000.220 065.93 +00152.58 +000.000 00000

137 162236.40 +03119.09973 +00058.49277 000.250 356.43 +00152.59 000.072 00000


vbo_file_format (1).png


Explanation of each channel's format in the logged file:

  • Sats: This is the number of satellites in use in decimal format. 64 is added to this number if the brake trigger input is activated. 128 is added to this number if the VBOX is using a DGPS correction.
    e.g. in the file above the sats column shows 137 = 128(DGPS) + 9 sats.
  • Time: This is UTC time since midnight in the form HH:MM:SS.SS.
  • Latitude: Latitude in minutes MMMMM.MMMMM +ve = North e.g. 03119.09973M = 51D, 59M, 5.9838S.
  • Longitude: Longitude in minutes MMMMM.MMM +ve = West e.g. 00058.49277M = 00D, 58M, 29.562S.
  • Velocity: Velocity in km/h.
  • Heading: Heading in degrees with respect to North.
  • Height: Height above sea level in meters based on the WGS84 model of the earth used by VBOX GPS engines.
  • Vert-velocity: Vertical velocity in km/h. +ve velocity uphill, -ve velocity downhill.
  • Trigger event time: This is the trigger event time measured in counts up to 11520.
  • Input Channels: Any channels from input modules are logged in an exponential form, e.g. +1.23456E+02 = 123.456.
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