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What is Corrected Distance?

When conducting VBOX Touch deceleration tests using a VBOX Brake Pedal Trigger, a 'Corrected Distance' channel is created and displayed within the results. This corrected brake trigger distance accounts for the trigger not being activated at exactly the same speed on each run.

VBOX Touch corrects the brake distances to the nearest 10 km/h. In the real world, it is very difficult for test drivers to hit the brakes at a set speed within 0.1 km/h repeatedly. The corrected trigger distance calculation compensates for the over, or under speed application and normalises the result to a set start speed value maintaining the original initial braking reaction time, as if the brakes had been applied at that exact set speed.

Corrected distance is calculated by the following equation:

2a (1).png

Nom Speed = The nearest 10 km/h (or mph) of the trigger speed.

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