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RACELOGIC Support Centre

VBOX Touch - Installing/Updating an App

VBOX Touch can be used with a number of Applications, occasionally Racelogic will release new versions of these applications, often to introduce new features.

New/updated applications are loaded into VBOX Touch using an SD card.

Install/Update Procedure

  1. Download the latest application file from the VBOX Automotive Website. Select the image of the app you would like/are using to download the latest file. If you are using the standard functionality of VBOX touch, click on the image of the 'Performance App' to download the latest file.
  2. Unzip the folder and place the .rvf file on to the root directory of the SD card (not in the media or any other folder).
  3. Insert the SD card into the Side of the Unit.
  4. Power up VBOX Touch.
  5. Confirm the update by pressing OK.
  6. The unit will then display an update screen with a progress bar.
  7. Once complete, the unit will restart.

Note: Once the application is successfully loaded on to the unit, the file will be removed from the SD card.

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