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OLED - Updating the Firmware

It is recommended to check the web site periodically for updates. The OLED upgrade files have a '.ruf' file extension.

The latest firmware for Video VBOX and OLED can be found here.

Upgrade OLED through Video VBOX

Please note that you must be running at least Video VBOX firmware version 003.000 Build 0025 to upgrade the OLED like this.

Video VBOX firmware comes with OLED firmware built in. Upgrade the OLED by holding down the button highlighted below while connecting the OLED to the VVB.

If a separate OLED upgrade is released, the firmware file can be placed file onto the root directory of an SD card and loaded into a VVB. You can then run the upgrade in the same way.


Performing the upgrade using a PC

An OLED upgrade cable of either RLACS151 or RLACS152 is required. If you do not have this cable, then the OLED may need to be returned to Racelogic to have the upgrade carried out.

Plug the 9 way serial connector from the RLACS151/152 into a computer. Press and hold the down button on the OLED (unit oriented with Racelogic text correct way up) while connecting power to the RLACS151/152. This will put the OLED into ‘upgrader’ mode. Double-click on the downloaded firmware file and follow the on screen instructions to complete the upgrade.

  1. Download the Latest OLED Firmware File from the VBOX Automotive website and copy this file onto your computer.
  2. Download the Racelogic Upgrader Software from the software section of the VBOX Automotive website.
    Note: Please ensure that the latest version of Racelogic Upgrader is installed.
  3. Connect the OLED to the computer using the 9 way serial connector on the RLACS151/152 cable.
  4. Press and hold the Down button on the OLED (unit oriented with Racelogic text correct way up) while connecting power to the RLACS151/152, this will put the OLED into ‘upgrader’ mode.
  5. Ensure that other software which may try and use the COM port communications, such as VBOX Setup is closed.
  6. Either ‘double click’ on the ‘.ruf’ firmware upgrade file, which auto runs the Upgrader software, or run the Upgrader software and load in the ‘.ruf’ firmware upgrade file.

OLED Upgrader.png

  1. Ensure the correct COM port is selected within 'Options' and press ‘Upgrade' to start the process.
  2. During the update, the screen will display a progress bar.
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