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04 - OLED - Lap Timing

Note: Not available when connected to VBOX 3i/ VBOX 3/ VBOX II/ VBOX Micro/ Performance Box Sport.

All lap times and split times are interpolated to 0.01 second resolution.

In this mode the screen can display either a live rolling lap time or a static last lap time and the lap count.  This is set from within the menu screen.

lap1 (1).png

Fastest lap

The difference between the new lap time and the best lap time will be shown with a + or – sign. A ‘–’ is shown when a faster than best is achieved and a ‘+’ is shown for a slower than best.                   

lap2 (1).png

Split line display

If split lines have been loaded via the attached VVB, or set manually in the OLED main menu, then split times will be shown for between 2 and 20 seconds when the split line is crossed. See ‘split time display period’ section for setup info.

Setting a start/finish line

In the lap timing screen a new start/finish line can be set by pressing the square button. If this is selected by mistake, it can be cancelled by pressing the ▼ button within 5 seconds.

If split lines or a separate finish are also required, then use the ‘set start finish and splits’ option in the main menu.

lap3 (1).png lap4 (1).png

Note:  The vehicle must be moving >0.5 km/h to set a Start/Finish Line.

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