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OLED Pit Display

An OLED Pit Display (RLVBPITDSP) can be used in conjunction with the Pit Lane Timer to mirror the stationary countdown time. This is particularly useful within endurance racing where it is the job of the pit crew to safely release the car. It can be secured to the dash or one of the windows, facing outwards towards the pit crew. This will keep the team informed of how much time they have left in the pit lane and know exactly when to release the car with minimal time loss.

PLT with Pit OLED2.jpg


To use an OLED Pit Display (RLVBPITDSP), Pit Lane Timer firmware version 1.1.22 or later is required. A standard OLED display (RLVBDSP05) cannot be used instead of an OLED Pit Display. Instructions on how to upgrade the firmware can be found here.


Connect the OLED Pit Display (RLVBPITDSP) to the RS232 / CAN port on the Pit Lane Timer using the flying lead.

PLT with Pit OLED.png


screen_5_310320154904 (1).png


For the OLED Pit Display to work correctly with a Pit Lane Timer, you must make sure that the CAN baud rate is the same on both the Pit Lane Timer and the OLED Pit Display.

Display Menu

PLT OLED Display Menu.png


This setting affects the brightness of the background LCD display. Within the display menu, if the 'BRIGHTNESS' option is highlighted, pressing the square button will cycle through settings of brightness between 1 and 5.

The display will alter it's brightness as the different settings are selected.

PLT OLED Brightness.png

Invert Screen Colour

This setting will switch the display from the default of a white text on black background setting, to black text on a white background. 

Pressing the square button when this option is highlighted will change the setting.

PLT OLED Invert Colour.png

Outline Font

This setting will cause all text to be shown as an outline font, rather than the default block colour. If desired, this can be combined with the inverted screen colour. Pressing the square button when this option is highlighted will change the setting.

PLT OLED Outline Font.png


To adjust the orientation of the display, press the square button when this option is highlighted.


Navigate to the 'MENU' using the up arrow ▲ and press the square button to select. Use the ▲ and ▼ buttons to move up and down menu options and select 'CAN OPTIONS' using the square button.

PLT CAN Options2.png
CAN Options menu on OLED Pit Display

With 'CAN BAUD RATE' highlighted, Press the square button to cycle through the available options: Off, 100 kbit/s, 125 kbit/s, 250 kbit/s, 500 kbit/s and 1000 kbit/s. Select the BACK option to save the option and return to the menu.

PLT CAN Options Select.png


About Menu

PLT OLED About Menu.png

This section simply lists the firmware version and serial number of the OLED Pit Display.


When the vehicle is stationary within the pit lane, the OLED Pit Display will automatically replicate the count down time shown on the Pit Lane Timer. When the countdown reaches 0, the vehicle is ready to be released. The display is blank every other time apart from when stationary. 

If there is a problem with the baud rate configuration between the two units, the OLED Pit Display will display a 'Waiting for CAN data Connect to Pit Lane Timer' message.


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