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Pit Lane Timer - CAN Output Format

CAN Output is only available with firmware version 1.1.22 or later.

Data format: Motorola

Baud rate: Selectable 500 kbit/s and 1 Mbit/s

ID Update Rate Data Bytes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
0x301 100 ms (1) Sats  (2) Time since midnight UTC (3) Position – Latitude MMMM.MMMMM
0x302 100 ms (4) Position – Longitude MMMM.MMMMM (5) Velocity (kts) (6) Heading (°)
0x303 100 ms (7) Altitude. WGS 84. (m) (8) Vertical velocity (m/s) (9) Media free (%) (10) Status (11) Status
0x304 100 ms Unused (12) Long Accel. (g) (13) Lateral Accel. (g)
0x305 100 ms (14) Distance since reset (m) Unused Unused
0x401 100 ms (15) Pit box count down time (ms) (16) Pit entry to pit exit total time (ms)
0x402 100 ms (17) Pit box to pit exit time (ms) (18) Session time (ms)
0x403 100 ms (19) Delta T to pit exit (20) Pit timer status (21) LED state Unused


  1. The number of satellites used in the navigation solution.
  2. Time since midnight. This is a count of 10 ms intervals since midnight UTC. (5383690 = 53836.90 seconds since midnight or 14 hours, 57 minutes and 16.90 seconds).
  3. Position, Latitude * 100,000 (311924579 = 51 Degrees, 59.24579 Minutes North). This is a true 32 bit signed integer, North being positive.
  4. Position, Longitude * 100,000 (11882246 = 0 Degrees, 58.82246 Minutes West). This is a true 32 bit signed integer, West being positive.
  5. Ground speed, 0.01 kts per bit.
  6. 2-D heading, 0.01° per bit.
  7. Altitude above mean sea level based on the WGS 84 model of the earth, 0.01 m per bit, signed.
  8. Vertical velocity, 0.01 m/s per bit, signed.
  9. The percentage of free space available on the media.
  10. First status flags (see table below).
  11. Second status flags (see table below).
  12. Longitudinal Acceleration, 0.01 g per bit, signed.
  13. Lateral Acceleration, 0.01 g per bit, signed.
  14. Distance travelled since Pit Lane Timer reset, 0.01 m per bit.
  15. In 'Entry to Exit Mode', this starts counting down from when the vehicle crosses the pit entry point. In 'Stationary in pit mode', this starts counting down once the vehicle is stationary in the pit box. In both cases, the value is retained until the applicable time to start counting down occurs again.
  16. Total time taken from the pit entry to the pit exit in ms. While in the pits, the total entry to exit time is a counter of time since entering the pits. When outside of the pit lane, it  retains the total entry to exit time for the last pit stop. Resets on pit entry.
  17. Total time taken from the pit box to the pit exit in ms. This updates once the pit exit has been crossed.
  18. Total session time in ms.
  19. Delta time in ms from the pit box to the pit exit. The final delta time is retained until the pit entry point is crossed.
  20. Current state. Bit 0 = On Track, Bit 1 = Entered the pit lane, Bit 2 = Stopped in the pits, Bit 3 = Going to exit, Bit 4 = entry to exit mode Bit 5 = stationary in pits mode.
  21. Numeric values for LED behaviour. Bit 0 = Red, Bit 1 = Green, Bit 2 = Blue.

First Status Flags (10)

Bit Mask PLT Description
0 0x01 No N/A
1 0x02 No N/A
2 0x04 Yes New position (latitude and longitude) format
3 0x08 Yes File open (set when a file is open i.e. when logging or syncing)
4 0x10 Yes Logging (set when logging)
5 0x20 No N/A
6 0x40 Yes Memory full (set when the currently active media is too full for logging)
7 0x80 Yes Media fitted (set when there is at least one media device available, even if it’s full)

Second Status Flags (11)

Bit Mask PLT Description
0 0x01 Yes Alive (always set)
1 0x02 No N/A
2 0x04 No N/A
3 0x08 No N/A
4 0x10 No N/A
5 0x20 Yes DGPS corrections active
6 0x40 Yes Eastern hemisphere
7 0x80 Yes Southern hemisphere
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