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VBOX Laptimer - Quick Start

Connect a 12 V power source and GPS antenna to the VBOX LapTimer. qs1 (1).png
Place the GPS antenna in the middle of the vehicles roof. qs2 (1).jpg
When satellites have been acquired, the VBOX LapTimer will check the GPS location against Racelogic’s track map database and load the layouts available. qs3 (1).png
The user must select the layout they are driving through the main menu. qs4 (1).png
When the correct layout is selected, exit the menu and move to the ‘Predictive Lap Timing’ screen using the arrow keys.  qs5 (1).png
Start driving! When the start line is crossed for the first time, a reference lap will be created. qs6 (1).png
When the start line is crossed again, a live delta-T display will be shown, comparing the current lap time to the reference lap time. qs7 (1).png
The two front LEDs will indicate if the vehicles speed is currently faster (green) or slower (red) in comparison to reference lap speed.  qs8 (1).png
If a faster lap time is achieved, this will automatically replace the reference lap, so VBOX LapTimer is always comparing to the best time. qs9 (1).png
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