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Predictive LapTimer Screen Shows Strange Values

Sometimes when a car has been parked in a garage or just outside the garage, the GPS data can get large spikes in position due to the satellite signals bouncing off the building and any large metal objects close to the car:

garage2 (1).png

Parking next to the pit garages can cause big spikes in the GPS data which corrupts the reference lap.


map (1).png

Big spikes caused by satellite signals bouncing off pit garages

We try and detect these random laps, but sometimes they manage to register as a quick lap and then every lap from then onwards is compared against this and the predictive is stuck showing some weird values. The Lap Time will still appear as normal, but the predictive will be stuck on -99 or some other fixed value. 

How to fix the Predictive display when it gets stuck

In the predictive screen, simply press and hold the centre square button for more than 4s, you will then see the message:


The random lap will be erased. You will then need to drive a lap to set this as the new reference lap, and all should work again.

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