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01 Getting Started – VBOX LapTimer


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What is in the box?

When you purchase a VBOX LapTimer, you will find the following items when you open the box:


VBOX LapTimer - The Package (1).png

Product Code Quantity Description
VBLAP01-V2 1 VBOX LapTimer
RLACS313 1 8 GB Class 10 SDHC Card
RLACS287 1 Lightweight Display Suction Mount with Thumb Nut 
RLCAB010LE 1 2-way LEMO to 12 V Cigar Lighter Power Cable
RLACS284 1 External GNSS antenna (2 m)



  • 10 Hz GNSS data logger.
  • Static/rolling lap times and lap counter. 
  • Predictive lap timing
  • Multiple mounting methods,
    including standard 1/4-20 UNC threaded hole     
  • Live Delta-T on-screen display.
  • Live/max G display (Lat and Long). 
  • Delta-V LED indicators. 
  • Live G bar (Lat and Long)
  • Live/max speed display. 
  • Combo G LED indicators. 
  • Live speed bar. 
  • Can be used as an OLED display.

Compatible media

The VBOX LapTimer can record to MMC, SD, SDHC and SDXC media cards formatted in a FAT or FAT32 format.

SDXC cards will be formatted as exFAT by default, a format type not supported by VBOX LapTimer.  You can still use them, as long as you reformat them to FAT32 first. There are various free third-party applications available online to format SDXC cards.

Memory Usage

If the SD card you use has less than 10 MB of space available you will see a warning symbol flashing periodically indicating the amount of memory available. 

VBOX LapTimer - 750px.png


Square Button Function

Depending on which mode is currently active on the screen, the function of the square button will change. The splash screen shown when scrolling through the menu describes the function of the square button in each mode.

You can also find the complete list below:

Square button.png
Mode Function
Speed  Start and stop logging
Max Speed Reset max speed value
Speed Bar Set centre speed and speed display range
Predictive Lap Timing Single press fixes the current or stored lap as the reference lap, depending on the chosen settings.
Predictive Lap Timing Pressing for >4 s clears the stored reference lap and all lap timing data
Lap Timing Set a new start/finish line
Lap Count No action
Lateral G Reset max g reached
Lateral G Bar Set min g and max g (targets)
Longitudinal G Reset max g reached
Longitudinal G Bar Set min g and max g (targets)
Menu Access the Menu

No Media 

If you do not have an SD card inserted in your VBOX LapTimer, it will show a "No Media" message while the vehicle is moving at speeds of 5 mph or less. This makes it easier for you to make sure that you have an SD card inserted before you start your logging.


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