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01 - VBOX LapTimer - Introduction


  • 10 Hz GPS data logger.
  • Live delta-t on screen display.
  • Delta-V LED indicators.
  • Live / max speed display.
  • Live speed bar.
  • Static / rolling lap times and lap counter.
  • Live / max G display (Lat and Long).
  • Live G bar (Lat and Long).
  • Combo G LED indicators.
  • Can be used as an OLED display.

Compatible media

VBOX LapTimer can record to MMC, SD, SDHC and SDXC media cards that are formatted in a FAT or FAT32 format.

SDXC cards will be formatted as exFAT by default, a format type not supported by VBOX LapTimer.  They can still be used, as long as they have been reformatted to FAT32.  Various free third party applications are available online to format SDXC cards.

Memory Usage

If the SD card used has less than 10 MB of space remaining a warning symbol flashes periodically to indicate the amount of memory remaining. 

mem (11).png

Display Modes Overview

VBOX LapTimer has different display modes, which can be accessed using the Up and Down buttons.


The data on each screen is calculated at all times, even if it is not displayed.


Live Speed

live_speed (11).png

Lap Timing

dis3 (1).png

Max. Speed

dis2 (1).png

Lap Count

dis4 (1).png

Speed Bar

speed_bar (1).png

Predictive Lap Timing

dis55 (1).png

Lateral G

lat_g (1).png

Longitudinal G

long_g (1).png

Lateral G Bar

lat_g_bar (1).png

Longitudinal G Bar

long_g_bar (1).png


Hardware Connections




With Video VBOX Pro




With Video VBOX Lite


111 (1).png



With Video VBOX Waterproof   

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