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03 - VBOX LapTimer - Speed/Max Speed/Speed Bar


In this mode the screen will display a large clear speed value to 2 decimal places. The speed can be set to display in kph, mph or knots. The number of decimal places displayed can be adjusted through the VBOX LAPTIMER menu.

Logging control

To start or stop the VBOX LapTimer logging data, press the square button when in Speed Display mode.

speed1 (1).png

Max speed

In this mode the screen will show the highest achieved speed value to 0, 1 or 2 decimal places.

Max speed reset

If the square button is pressed then the unit will reset the displayed maximum speed value.

max1 (1).png

Speed Bar

In this mode the screen will show a set centre speed with a bar graph indicating the speed between the set speed and the actual speed.

speed_bar (1).png

Bar graph settings

If the square button is pressed, the user can set the desired speed and configure the speed display range of the bar graph.

speed_bar_options (1).png


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