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05 - VBOX LapTimer - Predictive Lap Timing

For this mode to work, a start/finish line is required. Make sure that a track layout is selected through the main menu, or set a start line manually.

  • Until the start line is crossed, the screen will show ‘Waiting for start line’ and the distance from current location to this point.

pred1 (1).png

  • When the line is first crossed and during the first lap, VBOX LapTimer will create a reference lap.

pred2 (1).png

  • The second crossover of the start line will allow VBOX LapTimer to start predicting.

pred3 (1).png

  • The reference lap will be replaced with any subsequent quicker lap time.  
  • To fix this comparison lap time at any point, press the square button.
  • Fixing a reference lap prevents any faster lap time from replacing it.
  • Power cycling the unit, clearing laptiming data or re-setting the start/finish will remove the fixed reference lap. If you wish to retain a fixed reference lap, please ensure the lap is saved to the SD card. This can then be loaded to the unit if required.

pred4 (1).png

  • Pressing and holding the square button for 4 seconds when in this mode will clear the stored reference lap and clear all lap timing data. 

screen_10_000000_000002 (1).png

Delta-V LEDs

The two front panel LEDs are used in predictive lap timing mode. They indicate if the current vehicle speed is faster or slower than the speed was at the same position in the reference file.

The LEDs will show RED if the current speed is slower than the reference, or GREEN if the current speed is faster.

The value defined within the ‘Delta-V range’ setting dictates the min and max speed values to full brightness.  


deltavled2 (1).png

The two LEDs act as a gauge, filling up from the left to right. Once the current speed is slower or faster than the reference, the left LED will illuminate. Once the current speed is above 50% of the defined positive or negative range, the LED on the right will also illuminate.

Combo G LEDs

While the screen still displays the Delta-T for each lap, the user has an optional mode which takes over the function of the LEDs in the predictive lap-timing screen.

If the Combo G is greater than a selected minimum threshold (50 % LED minimum %, 0.5 g default), the LEDs will light up various colours dependent on the maximum g threshold selected (1.0 g default).


  • The LEDs will show RED where the Combo G has reached the LED minimum % selected (i.e. 50% by default).
  • Above this minimum Combo G selected, the LEDs will show a colour gradient between RED and GREEN, giving a changing YELLOW/ORANGE colour, dependent on the live Combo G.
  • The LEDs will show GREEN where the Combo G is equal to or greater than the maximum g threshold selected.


Default settings example:

combo_g_leds1 (1).png

Save reference lap

This feature allows the user to save a reference lap for future use, insert an SD card into VBOX LapTimer and use the menu options shown below. Note that the vehicle must be stationary to make this transfer.


Once this is selected, the following messages show saving has been successful. This will be stored on the SD card as LAP.REF in the ‘Data’ folder. 

pred6 (1).png

Load reference lap

To load a reference lap file stored from a previous session, put the desired file onto an SD card and load the card into VBOX LapTimer. The file can have any name, however it must be saved in the Data folder and only one .REF file should be present. Select the menu options as shown above – but select LOAD REF LAP instead of SAVE. Note that the vehicle must be stationary to make this transfer. Reference laps will be reset when either a new start/finish is set, or if the ‘reset lap timing data’ option is selected from the lap timing menu within main menu.

Live timing

The main predictive screen shows a continuously updated bar graph with the +/ - to previous. When a lap is completed, it will give a final lap time and total time difference to reference lap. If a faster time is achieved than the reference, a negative time will be shown.
The amount of time shown on the bar graph can be altered in the main menu to 2, 5, 10 or 30 seconds. 

pred7 (1).png pred8 (1).png


Additionally the LEDs on the front of the VBOX LapTimer indicate Delta-V. Red indicates that velocity is slower than the reference point and green faster. The brightness indicates how much slower or faster velocity is relative to the same point in the reference lap. The range over which this brightness will change can be defined in the 'Predictive Lap Timing Settings' menu.

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