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04 - Pit Lane Timer Pit Lane Timing Setup

Pit Timing Mode

This setting changes the method of pit lane timing. There are two options of operation - both causing the pit lane timer screen to show the same information when in the pit lane, however the triggers for the timing differ slightly. 

Entrance to Exit

The first and default option is the 'Entrance to Exit' option, which is most commonly used for endurance races. When set in this mode, the Pit Lane Timer screen will use the 'Minimum Pit Time' setting and 'Pit To Exit' setting to ensure that the time spent from the pit lane entrance to pit lane exit falls under the limit set for the event.

When this mode is used, the pit lane timer will start timing as soon as the pit entrance gate is crossed, and advise the driver when to move from the pit box. A speed limiter will be shown when the vehicle is moving and the driver advised if they need to speed up or slow down.

Trigger Action Screen
Pit lane entrance crossed 'Minimum pit time' countdown started
Pit lane speed limit checked
Speed readout and LED indicators
Stopped in pit box Countdown to 'pit to exit' time Stopwatch countdown
Drive after pit stop complete 'Minimum pit time' counter continues
Pit lane speed limit checked
Delta time to pit exit and LED indicators

Stationary in Pit

The second mode is the 'Stationary in Pit' mode, which is used for most classic races. When set in this mode, the Pit Lane Timer screen will use the 'Minimum Pit Time' setting as a timer for the time required to be spent stationary. When using this mode, the 'Pit to Exit' setting will be ignored.

Trigger Action Screen
Pit lane entrance crossed Pit lane speed limit checked Speed readout and LED indicators
Stopped in pit box 'Minimum pit time' countdown started Stopwatch countdown
Drive after pit stop complete Pit lane speed limit checked Speed readout and LED indicators

Setting pit entrance and exit points

Setting the start and end of the pit lane should ideally be done by the competitor themselves, as the points do sometimes change from meeting to meeting. Because you are going slowly at the time, it is crucial to set the entrance and exit line for your race meeting as accurately as possible.

Before Pit Lane Timing mode can be used, entry and exit points for the pit lane must be defined.

If no points have been set, the screen below will show.

screen_4_31032012946 (1).png

Setting the pit entrance and exit point requires a drive through of the pit lane. 

Before moving off, navigate to the MENU > PIT LANE TIMER > Set Entrance/Exit as shown below. Use the arrow buttons to move up and down menu options, and the square button to select. 

PLT Set Entrance Exit.png


This will open a submenu in which the entrance and exit points can be defined. Set Pit Lane Entrance will be highlighted automatically. 

Drive out of the pit lane, around the circuit and back into the pit lane. As you cross the pit entrance timing line, the square button must be pushed to mark the entrance point.

p2 (2).png

The screen will automatically move to Set Pit Lane Exit. Drive through the pit lane, and as you cross the end of the timing line, press the square button again.

p3 (1).png


The pit lane entrance and exit point are now set. These values are held in memory until you visit another circuit or manually override them.

Minimum Pit Lane Time

Enter the regulation minimum number of seconds spent either in the total pit lane (if using entrance to exit timing), or stationary in the pit box (if using stationary in pit timing) within this menu option. This setting changes is used differently depending on which pit timing mode is being used.

Entrance to Exit - When using this timing mode, the 'minimum pit lane time' setting is the minimum number of seconds required from crossing the entrance of the pits to the exit of the pits.

Stationary in Pit - When using this timing mode, the 'minimum pit lane time' setting is the minimum number of seconds required to be spent stationary in the pit box. 

This can be set between a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 600 seconds in 0.1 second increments.

To edit the time, highlight the option using the arrow keys, and press the square button to select. The arrow keys will now alter the time. When the correct time is shown, press square again to set.

Pit to Exit Time

Note: This setting is only used in 'Entrance to Exit' pit timing mode. 

When using 'Entrance to exit' timing mode, you will need to enter an estimate for the length of time it takes to get from your pit box to the pit exit.




Within this menu section, enter an estimate of this time (up to a maximum of 90 seconds).

Note that this will be slightly different every time you drive it, so just enter an approximate value in here.


Giving yourself some more margin

By decreasing the ‘Pit to exit time’, the Pit Lane Timer will hold you for longer in your pit box, which means you are less likely to leave the pits too early.

If you are consistently too long in the pits, increase the ‘Pit to exit time’, and the Pit Lane Timer will release you earlier.

Pit Lane Speed Limit

This speed limit is the maximum speed that you are allowed to travel in the pit lane. A minimum of 25 km/h, the driver must define what limit has been set for their race event. If this value is exceeded by 20 km/h, the Pit Lane Timer will assume that the driver is staying out on track, so will not trigger the pit lane counter. The speed limit is selectable in 5 km/h increments.

Speed limit warning

The speed defined here is the margin to the pit lane speed limit at which the driver will be warned to decrease speed.

For example, if the pit lane speed limit is set to 40 km/h, and the speed limit warning is set to 3 km/h, then the pit lane timer will visibly and audibly warn the driver they are close to the limit at 37 km/h. The speed warning is selectable in 0.5 km/h increments.

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