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07 - Pit Lane Timer GPS Options


If the Pit Lane Timer is struggling to acquire satellite lock, a GPS coldstart may be required. This may be necessary when the unit hasn’t been used for a number of days or has dramatically moved location since its last use. To perform a cold-start, select MENU > GPS OPTIONS > COLDSTART.

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This feature is only available with V2 hardware variants of the Pit Lane Timer with a compatible antenna. It allows for selection of different GPS Constellations which allow the unit to access to satellites outside the standard GPS constellation. Increasing the quantity of available satellites will improve the quality of the data and can reduce issues associated with poor GPS reception.

Pressing the square key with this option highlighted will cycle through the following modes:

  • GPS+GLONASS - Pit Lane Timer will use the standard GPS satellites as well as the Russian GPS GLONASS satellites.
  • GPS+SBAS - Pit Lane Timer will use a Satellite Based Augmentation System to improve GPS data.

Leap seconds 1.png

The default setting is GPS+GLONASS.

Leap Seconds

The number of leap seconds here sets the current offset between GPS and UTC time. This is set by official bodies to compensate for the slowing of the rotation of the earth. A new leap second is usually introduced every 4 to 7 years. The last leap second was added in December 2016. 

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