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RACELOGIC Support Centre

How to Update the Pit Lane Timer Firmware

Occasionally Racelogic will release new versions of firmware (internal code) for the Pit Lane Timer, often to introduce new features.

Download the latest Firmware file here

How do you run the update?

  1. Download the upgrade file from the llnk above und unzip it.
    (Your unit must be registered to receive the required login details for the download, Register here)
  2. Place the .upgrade file on the root directory of an SD card (not in the media or any other folder).
  3. Load the SD card into the side panel of an unpowered unit.
  4. Power up the VBOX Pit Lane Timer unit holding the Up Button.
  5. The VBOX Pit Lane Timer will display a progress bar until the upgrade is complete.
  6. Turn the unit off and on again to complete the upgrade.

IMPORTANT - If the unit has been rotated and the screen has automatically inverted, the buttons will keep their original functions during a firmware update. So instead of using the Up button, the Down Button should be used.

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