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The Pit Lane Timer acts as an automatic timing system for pit stops. It ensures that you can minimise the time spent in the pits without incurring a penalty. It prompts you when to leave your pit box, and warns in advance if you are going to cross the line too early.

Antenna and Power

The Pit Lane Timer can be used as a stand alone device or it can be connected to a Video VBOX. 

Stand alone - simply connect to a 12 V power source and connect the GPS antenna to the small gold connector.

Using with a Video VBOX - for connections to a Video VBOX click here.

qs1 (2).png

GPS Antenna

Place the GPS antenna in the middle of the roof, or, if you have no roof, as high up as possible, on a solid ground plane and at least 5 cm away from any metal objects such as roof bars or radio antennas. Do not mount the antenna close to the edge of the roof as reflections from the ground may interfere with the signals. Avoid the edges as reflections from the A-pillars will cause problems.

If the system recognises the Circuit, a message will appear on the screen telling you which circuit has been detected. Note that the database for Pit Lanes will be small at first, but will grow over time.

qs2 (2).jpg

Set the pit timing mode to be used, and define values for minimum pit lane time, pit lane speed limit and speed limit warning. If using 'entrance to exit' pit timing mode, an estimated pit to exit time must also be defined.

screen_6_310320429 (2).png


pte2 (1).png

If the circuit hasn't been detected, then the entrance and exit points of the pit lane now need to be defined. 

Setting the start and end of the pit lane should ideally be done by the competitor themselves, as the points do sometimes change from meeting to meeting. It is crucial to set the entrance and exit line for your race meeting as accurately as possible.

Enter the MENU by pressing the up and down arrow keys to cycle through the different screens. Select PIT LANE TIMER > Set Entrance/Exit. 

screen_6_310320411 (1).png



Drive out of the pit lane, around the circuit and back into the pit lane. As you cross the pit entrance timing line, the square button must be pushed to mark the entrance point. 

screen_6_310320915 (1).png

Drive through the pit lane, and as you cross the end of the timing line, press the square button again. 

screen_6_310325923 (1).png

Click here for more info on Pit Lane Timing Setup.


As you enter the pit lane, the Pit Lane Timer will show your live speed value. screen_4_3103205534 (1).png
When you come to a stop in your pit box, the Pit Lane Timer then displays a countdown to when you should leave your pit box. screen_4_310320557 (1).png

When it is time to leave the pit box, the LEDs light up Green for go. 

40 (2).png

If you are going to go under the minimum time, the LEDs will light up red.

41 (12).png

If you can speed up without exceeding the minimum time, the LEDs will light Green. 

42 (12).png

Click here for more information on Pit Lane Timing mode.

The full user guide for the Pit Lane Timer can be found here.



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