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Performance Box Touch Battery

A Battery (RLACS290) is available for use with Performance Box Touch, allowing you to use the unit without connecting to a power source. When installed, the Power button on the battery can be used to turn the unit on or off; to turn on or off, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds. 

If the power cable is plugged into the unit when the battery is already attached to the unit, the unit will automatically turn on. 

The battery will provide a minimum of 6 hours of battery life, however you can increase battery life to up to 9 hours by using minimum brightness settings.

When the battery is installed and Performance Box Touch is on, a Battery Status Indicator PB Touch Battery Icon.png is displayed on the top right of the screen, providing a visual representation of the remaining battery charge. The indicator is split in to 10 bars, each representing 10% of charge.  When charging, a charging symbol will appear over the battery symbol.

When the battery has less than 10% of charge remaining, a warning screen will appear on screen for 10 seconds, to cancel the warning, press the screen.

PB Touch Battery Front.png

Full battery specifications are available here.


The battery is connected to Performance Box Touch using the Richter mounting system on the rear of the unit. Insert the prongs from the back of the battery in to the rear of  Performance Box Touch and then push upwards to secure. 

PB Touch Mount1.png
Richter mounting system on back of Performance Box Touch

PB Touch Battery Back.png
Richter mounting system on rear of battery (RLACS290)


The battery can be charged whilst installed within Performance Box Touch if the unit is being powered via a power source, or can be charged when removed from the unit using the USB port located above the Power button and the supplied USB cable (USB2-007241).

The battery will take approximately 3.5 hours to charge. For fastest charge, it is recommended to charge the battery from a mains power source when disconnected from Performance Box Touch.

If you are having issues charging the battery, please take a look at our troubleshooting page.

Auto Power Off

When the unit is determined to be 'idle' (tracking zero satellites, is not logging and has had no screen interactions for 5 consecutive minutes), Performance Box Touch will power off to preserve battery.

Before powering off, a warning screen will appear, allowing you to press the screen to cancel the auto power off within 10 seconds.

PB Touch Auto Power Off.png
Auto Power Off Warning Screen

LED Behaviour

The battery includes an LED next to the Power button which constantly provides battery status information.

LED Description
Green (flashing when charging, unless charge ≥90%) >20% charge
Orange (flashing when charging) 10–20% charge
Red (flashing when charging) 0–10% charge
Red flash five times before turning off 0% charge
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