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Performance Box Touch Firmware Features - V1.4 (latest)

The latest version of the Performance Box Touch firmware includes some changes and brings additional functionality to the unit.

Many of the changes have been made as a direct result of customer feedback requesting new features. Some changes have been made to fix bugs and other issues found during testing.

Racelogic strongly recommend that all users upgrade to the latest firmware release to take advantage of the new features and benefit from the improved stability.



Addressed issue where user scripts could crash when sat lock is acquired.


Enhancements/ New Features

New Acceleration Test Screens

It is now possible to conduct 4 concurrent acceleration tests, visible via 2 new acceleration screens - Secondary and Best Results. The new screens can be accessed by selecting the Forward Forward Arrow.png and Back Backwards arrow.png arrows on the bottom right of the screen when within Accel Mode or by swiping the screen left or right.

PB Touch Accel Overview small.png
Primary Accel screen
PB Touch Accel Overview2 small.png
Secondary Accel screen
PB Touch Accel Overview3 small.png
Best Results Accel screen

Default tests are 0–60, 0–100, 0–100–0 and 0–¼ mile, however custom tests can be defined using the Start and End Parameters options within the Accel Settings menu.

PB Touch Accel Choose.png
Accel test range options

Along with accessing the Accel Settings in the usual way by pressing the Settings Button Settings.png on the bottom left of the screen and then selecting the Accel option, it is now also possible to define a test range by double tapping on an existing test range header or result within the Secondary screen.

Settings Menu Changes

New Select Settings Screen

When the Settings menu is accessed by selecting the Settings Button Settings.png on the bottom left of the screen when within a mode, a new Select Settings Screen is now presented, allowing you to immediately choose Mode Specific Settings (will change dependent on which mode you are using), General Settings, Date and Time Settings or Diagnostic Settings. This allows you to quickly access the settings you want without having to use the Forward Forward Arrow.png and Back Backwards arrow.png arrows or by swiping the screen.

PB Touch Select Settings.png
Select settings screen

Advanced Settings Menu Removed

The Advanced Settings menu has also been removed within the latest firmware, meaning that Date/Time Settings has been moved to a standalone Date & Time Settings menu.

PB Touch Time Settings Old.png
Old Advanced Settings menu
PB Touch Time Settings.png
New Date & Time Settings menu

Other Improvements 

  • New logged channels: Longitudinal Acceleration and Lateral Acceleration. More information on these channels is available here.
  • New option to ignore double-distance laps within the Lap Timing Mode. This can be useful in circumstances such as when the in-lap may cover more than double the distance of the reference lap. More information on this is available here.


  • Screen and .vbo behaviour now matches with <4 satellites.
  • Resolved slight result difference between screens at times (due to rounding).
  • Improved stability if SD card is removed whilst logging.
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