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03 - PB Touch Screen Layout

As the name suggests, Performance Box Touch is controlled by using the capacitive touch screen.

Generally, the top of the screen contains indicative status information, the centre of the screen contains mode/settings information which can be navigated by pressing fwd/back buttons or by swiping the screen left/right, and the bottom of the screen contains function buttons.

PB Touch Screen Layout.png

Logging Status

The Record Icon VBOX Touch Recording Button.png will show when the unit is logging data to the SD card.

If the icon appears white PB Touch Recording Button White.png when logging has been initiated, this means that the unit is primed for logging and the unit is in the process of synchronising the internal real time clock (RTC) to GPS time. Logging will not start until the synchronisation process is complete.

IMPORTANT – The SD card shouldn't be removed when the Record Icon is on as you may lose data.

SD Status

The SD Card Icon displays the status of the recording media. When an SD card has been inserted and has free space, it will display as green VBOX Touch SD OK.png. When no SD card is detected or the media is full, the icon will display as red VBOX Touch SD Not OK.png.

Tapping on the icon when green will manually start or stop logging data, overriding the Configured Logging Strategy.

Sats Status

The Satellite Icon displays whether the unit has a valid satellite lock. When lock is acquired, it will display as solid green VBOX Touch Sats Lock.png. When there is no satellite lock, the icon will flash red VBOX Touch No Sats.png.


The 4 LEDs at the top of the unit provide visual feedback dependent on what process is being performed:

  • Accel/Decel Mode: If Alert at End is enabled, the LEDs will flash green for 0.5 s once the test end criteria is met.
  • Lap Timing Mode:
    • The LEDs provide a live reference lap speed comparison (Delta-V).
    • The LEDs will illuminate blue during the process of creating a Reference Lap.
    • When loading a Track Database file, the progress of the track database update is displayed via the LEDs; each lit LED will represent 25% of the process with all LEDs extinguishing when the process is complete.
    • When a Track Layout is changed, the LEDs will briefly flash green twice.
    • When a Finish Line is cleared, the LEDs will briefly flash green twice.
    • When a Standing Start is Enabled or Disabled, the LEDs will briefly flash green twice.
  • Speed Mode: If a Target Speed LED Alert has been set, the LEDs will flash green when the value is reached.
  • Screenshot: If a screenshot has been saved successfully, the LEDs will illuminate yellow in sequence from left to right to display the progress of writing to the SD card.
  • Reset: The LEDs will briefly flash green twice when a screen has been reset.
  • Battery (if installed): If the battery has run out of charge, the LEDs will flash red five times before the unit turns off.
Battery Status (if battery is installed)

If the battery (RLACS290) is installed on the unit, the Battery Status Indicator PB Touch Battery Icon.png provides a visual representation of the remaining battery charge. The indicator is split in to 10 bars, each representing 10% of charge. When charging, a charging symbol will appear over the battery symbol.

More battery information is available here.

Display Mode

This header shows which Display Mode is currently selected.

Mode Data

This area will contain information in relation to the currently selected Display Mode.

Settings Button

The Settings Button Settings.png will open a Settings area which contains Display Mode, General and Diagnostic Settings.

The options presented first within the Settings screen are dependent on the mode selected, information on these can be found within each specific mode area.

Screenshot Button

Press the Screenshot button to capture a screenshot of the content currently on the screen. You can learn more about the functionality of this button here.

IMPORTANT – NEVER remove the SD card when a screenshot is being taken, it could cause the unit to crash!

Results Button

A history of the test/lap results can be viewed by selecting the Results Button Results.png.

Mode Button

The Mode Button Mode.png allows you to choose between the 4 Display Modes available.

Reset Button

Dependent on which screen you are on, the Reset Button Reset.png will reset mode results and/or history. When pressed, the LEDs will briefly flash green twice and the unit will emit an audible confirmation notification. If selected within the Lap Timing Mode, a cancel timeout screen will display, allowing you to cancel the reset within 5 seconds by pressing the screen.

Fwd/Back Buttons

The Forward Forward Arrow.png and Back Backwards arrow.png arrow buttons are used to navigate through Display Mode and Settings screens. These can be used alongside swiping the screen left or right.

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