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04 - PB Touch Display Modes

Performance Box Touch has 4 modes available; Accel, Decel, Lap Timing and Speed. They allow you to conduct a range of performance tests and functions, and can be changed by pressing the Mode Button Mode.png at the bottom of the screen.

 PB Touch Mode.png


Click on the screens below to view more information on the available modes.

PB Touch Accel Screen.png

Acceleration Testing

  • Acceleration tests including: 0–60, 0–100, 0–100–0 and 0–¼ mile.
  • Custom speed, distance or 0-speed-0 tests can be configured, and other options include enabling or disabling alert at end of test, one-foot rollout and slope correction.
  • Can display up to 4 concurrent test results.
  • Screen displays time, run number, distance, VMAX, Peak G and altitude difference. Units of measurement for speed or distance can be easily swapped between metric or imperial.

Deceleration Testing

  • Deceleration tests including: 0–60, 0–100, 200–0, 300–0 km/h or mph.
  • Custom test allowing the user to define their own configurable settings.
  • Screen displays time, run number, distance, Peak G and altitude difference. Units of measurement for speed or distance can be displayed in metric or imperial and easily swapped between.
PB Touch Decel Screen.png
PB Touch Lap Timing Screen.png

Lap Timing

  • Sophisticated lap timer with an updateable built-in database of over 800 circuits, real-time Delta-time, Delta-speed (shown via LEDs), Best Lap Time, Current Lap Time, Total Session Time and Lap Count.
  • Virtual Start/Finish Lines: Using GPS, there is no need for an external beacon or transmitter as timing will start with vehicle movement. Separate start and finish lines can be set for sprint or hill climbing. 

Speed Display

  • Performance Box Touch also works as a highly accurate digital speedometer, a handy feature for street driving. 
  • Units can be set in kph or mph and display can show live speed, VMAX, average speed and distance including setting a target speed.
PB Touch Speed Screen.png
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