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Connecting VBOX Sport to VBOX Test Suite

VBOX Sport has the ability to connect via Bluetooth to a Laptop running VBOX Test Suite in order to view live data and perform tests.

  1. After the VBOX Sport has been mounted and the SD card inserted, briefly press the Power button to switch on the device.
  2. If this is the first time you have connected the device to the Bluetooth enabled laptop, navigate to the Bluetooth Settings area.
  3. Click on add a new device and select the VBOX Sport (this only needs to be done once, in the future, whenever the device is in range and the Bluetooth is on, connection will be made automatically).
VBOX Sport Connect to PC 1.png VBOX Sport Connect to PC 2.png
  1. Open the VBOX Test Suite Software and navigate to the 'Home' tab, select the 'Online' button and choose the correct COM port for the VBOX Sport from the drop down menu.

VBOX Sport Online.png

Once the software is connected to the VBOX Sport, the dashboard gauges will automatically start to display the data being sent live over the VBOX's serial stream.

In this Online mode, Start, Stop and Reset buttons will appear on the dashboard. These buttons are used to start, stop and reset any open tests.

VBOX Sport Online 2.png

When in online mode, a newly-created session will be populated with session data from the previous session (if entered).

Note: The COM port selection can be cancelled before the software has fully opened online communications. This is done by selecting the 'X' button at the bottom left of the software window, as shown below.

session1 (1).png

If the connection is lost, a 'Disconnected' message is displayed. To reconnect again, select the 'Try Reconnect' option.

More information on viewing live data and performing tests using VBOX Test Suite can be found here.


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