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Laptimer iOS application - How to show a live speed value

If you are not using a connected VBOX Sport, once the application is loaded onto your iOS device, you will need to select cancel on the ‘select accessory’ screen that appears, as no VBOX Sport is connected.

1. When first launched, the app should now show the wizard screen. To access a live speed value, select the ‘create custom track’ option under the ‘user configurable’ section. The app with then move to the next screen where live parameters can be viewed.

The live Speed Display is viewed full screen in landscape mode.

1 (1).png

2. The application should now display the ‘Functions’ screen. Swipe to the right to get to the live speed display.

5 (1).png

3. From this point, if we press hide, we can bring the display into full screen:

6 (1).png

At this point, the app should read speed from your either the iPhones internal GPS (1 Hz update rate) or show the 10 Hz GPS and GLONASS data from a connected VBOX Sport.

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