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Pairing a VBOX Sport with Android and Harry's Laptimer


  • These instructions were created with stock Android 4.4.3, so if you have a different version of Android or a non-stock version (HTC Sense UI or Samsung Touchwiz) the menus might look slightly different.
  • You need the Harry's Laptimer Petrolhead Edition to use with VBOX Sport. If any of the instructions for Harry's LapTimer are incorrect, please refer to the Harry's LapTimer page here.

1. Navigate to the Bluetooth settings area in Android.

Depending on the version of Android you're using, this may be accessible by pulling down the notification shade (swiping down from the top of the notification area) and pressing the settings button in the top right corner. If not, you can access the settings in the application drawer or by searching for the settings app on your phone.

2. If the VBOX Sport is powered on and Bluetooth is enabled it should show VBOX Sport as an available device. If it doesn't, click on the "Search For Devices" button.

If it was previously paired with another Bluetooth device, you may need to clear this from VBOX Sport by pressing and holding down both buttons on the VBOX Sport for 2 seconds. The Bluetooth LED should now flash rapidly.

3. Select VBOX Sport (VBSport 00000300 in this example), and it will pair VBOX Sport to your Android device.
Once it's paired it will show in the Paired Devices area.
6 (1).png
4. Open Harry's LapTimer and tap on the menu button (the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner). 7.png
5. Select the Sensor List in the Settings menu. 8.png

6. Select VBOX Sport in the Sensor List.

Once selected, it will be marked as 'Connected'.


You should now be able to use your VBOX Sport with Harry's LapTimer. You can find more information about applications that support VBOX Sport here.

Click here for a guide on Connecting to RaceChrono on Android.

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