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RACELOGIC Support Centre

Pairing a VBOX Sport with Android and RaceChrono

When connecting to a VBOX Sport using an android device, the Bluetooth light will not go solid until the app that you are using has been successfully paired with the VBOX Sport. 

Android apps need a little setting up in order to connect to our device, whereas as our iOS apps are designed to be used in conjunction with a VBOX Sport, they work automatically. 

To connect the VBOX Sport to the RaceChrono android application, follow the notes below.

  • First pair your android device with the VBOX Sport. 
  • Once they're paired you will need to open the app. 
  • In the top right corner there's the settings button.
  • In the settings menu select Device #1
  • Click on Device type.
  • Select VBOX Sport
  • Select the VBOX Sport from bluetooth devices.

Once all of this is set it should show that the VBOX Sport is available and connected in the sensor's list.

The Bluetooth light should be solid on the VBOX Sport as well and you are ready to go.

Click here for a guide on Connecting to Harry's Laptimer on Android.