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04 - VBOX Sport Logging

Compatible Recording Media

The VBOX Sport can record to the MMC, SD, SDHC and SDXC media cards that are formatted in a FAT or FAT32 format.

Note: SDXC cards will be formatted as exFAT by default, a format type not supported by the VBOX Sport.  They can still be used, as long as they have been reformatted to FAT32.  Various free third party applications are available online to format SDXC cards.


The VBOX Sport logs 10 Hz GPS data in .VBO file format to an inserted SD card at a rate of around 8.7 MB per hour. There is an option to enable logging of .VBO files direct to an iOS device via the Racelogic Laptimer application. This option to enable this can be found in the 'Settings' area of the application. When this setting is enabled .VBO data files will be saved within application documents and can be accessed via iTunes.

Logged files can be opened in Performance Tools or VBOX Test Suite for straight line analysis, or Circuit Tools for circuit / laptiming analysis.

Automatic start/stop logging

The default logging behaviour of the VBOX Sport is to automatically start and stop logging. The unit starts logging when satellite lock has been achieved and a speed value higher than 0.8 km/h is detected, and stops logging when below this speed.

This automatic logging method ensures the VBOX Sport captures all data while the vehicle is moving. 

Manual override

The VBOX Sport has a quick-press 'manual override' option, allowing files to be opened and closed via the front panel logging button.

When the logging button is pressed, the VBOX Sport will start logging immediately, and will not stop logging until the record button is pressed again, regardless of speed or GPS lock.  

Note: As soon as the VBOX Sport is not logging, and detects a speed of 0 km/h, it will switch back into the default automatic logging behaviour to avoid any data loss. 

Compatible Apple Devices

Racelogic Performance Test and Laptimer iOS applications are compatible with any IPhone, IPad or IPod touch running iOS 7 or above. Devices that do not support this version of OS are not compatible.

Note: This device does not currently support Android. 

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