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06 - VBOX Sport Laptimer iOS application


The Racelogic Laptimer application can work as a standalone app or when connected to a VBOX Sport device to give live driver feedback.

When used standalone, the app will use 1 Hz GPS data from the iOS devices internal GPS engine. When connected to a VBOX Sport, the app is able to use the 10 Hz GPS data stream transmitted via Bluetooth. 

Download VBOX Laptimer app

The VBOX Laptimer app is available for free download from the iTunesTM store. To find the app, search for ‘VBOX Sport’, ‘Racelogic’ or ‘VBOX Laptimer’.




cs (1).png

Note: GPS connection indicator refers to GPS connection for VBOX Sport. If using standalone with the internal GPS engine from the iOS device, the GPS connection indicator will indicate no connection.

Circuit Test – Detected Circuit

Once the app is connected to VBOX Sport, wait for good satellite lock. The App will populate a list of detected tracks from the Racelogic database using the current location. If the circuit is not found in the database, the Custom track option will need to be used.

A list of all tracks available within our database can be found here. Please do let us know if a track you need is missing.

Note: If the screen does not update when VBOX Sport has satellite lock, press the refresh button refresh-button.png in the top right hand corner of the screen. 

wizard1_1117 (1).png

Select a circuit layout by pressing the relevant row.

Selecting the info button  to the right of each circuit shows a preview.

img_2720 (1).png

Circuit Test – Custom Track

In addition to the circuits present in the Racelogic database, Laptimer can also create custom tracks. To create a custom track, select the ‘Create Custom Track’ option under the ‘user configurable’ section of the main track selection page. To start, a start/finish point needs to be defined manually, the app will then create a custom circuit map.

Note: That the vehicle speed needs to be above 18 km/h in order to set a start line.


As soon as the start/finish line is crossed, the map image will be displayed in the right hand side of the app, and the map will also be saved for later selection through the ‘custom track’ section. Custom maps can be re-named or deleted by pressing the arrow button to the right of the track name.

Custom track2_1117.png

Screen displays


When a layout has been selected, the default screen will show the current position on track and ‘waiting for start line’. As soon as the start line is crossed for the first time, a live time will appear.

laptime_1117 (1).png

When the start line is crossed again, split points created by maximum speed will appear on the map image, and delta-velocity will be shown at the top in a colour coded bar graph. Swipe to the left or right to move to different display options.


When the start line is crossed for the first time, a reference lap creation will be triggered. When the start line is crossed again, a live comparison time to the reference will be shown. At the end of each lap, the final lap time will be shown for the number of seconds configured in the ‘Laptime display time’ section of the settings menu.

Note: Any faster lap times achieved will automatically be used as the reference lap.

predictive_1117 (1).png


This screen shows achieved lap and split times during a session. The fastest (reference) lap is highlighted in white. Split times are coloured as either slower or faster than the same sections in the reference lap, to allow easy comparison.

Pinching in/out over the results enables you to zoom in and out.


Note: New laps with a different number of sectors are ignored.


By default this screen shows a real speed readout. This can be toggled to a maximum speed readout by using the ‘Max speed’ button on the Functions page.




This allows the user to set a new start line. Once this is confirmed, the app will default to the Laptime screen and timing will start. Note: the minimum speed to set a start point is 18 km/h. 
Pressing this button will clear all lap timing data from the applications memory, including any stored reference lap. 
This allows the user to toggle the speed mode between showing a ‘real speed’ live value, and a maximum speed achieved value. Pressing this button will move the screen view to speed mode. 
The results section displays all lap times achieved in a session, the fastest (reference) lap is highlighted in green. Laps can be selected/ deselected to be shown on a graph and also exported.



The Graph button graph-icon.png at the top of the screen within Results allows for selected results to be viewed within a graph view.

graph_1117 (1).png

Exporting results

The Export button export-button.png at the top of the screen within Results allows for selected results to be emailed or stored locally on the device as a .csv file in order to download later via iTunes.

export_1117 (1).png

How to download via iTunes

Connect your device to iTunes, click on the device and enter the 'Apps' tab.

Click on the 'Laptimer' App and then select the exported results .csv file you require. Click on 'Save to' and then select a location on your computer to save and view the file.



Settings options are accessible when in any lap timing screen.


One shot mode

One shot mode is for use at sprint style events – to use this, first create a custom circuit and then enable ‘one shot mode’ through the main settings menu.
A finish point will need to be defined before timing can begin. When a finish has been set, the app will instruct the user to ‘stop at start line’. When stationary, a countdown from 10 will start. When this countdown has completed, the next movement that is detected will trigger lap timing to start. When the finish line is crossed for the first time, a new custom circuit will be stored for future use. 

one-shot-mode_1117 (1).png