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VBOX Video HD2 Has Trouble Locking onto Satellites

If VBOX Video HD2 is having trouble locking onto satellites, then please follow the checklist below for typical solutions:

  • Place the antenna where it has an unobstructed view of the sky (see GPS Antenna Placement below).
  • Check the antenna connection is very clean; small amounts of dirt in the socket can cause a significant reduction in signal strength.
  • Try another antenna.
  • Perform a GPS Coldstart and then leave the unit powered up in an open static position for at least 15 minutes.

GPS Antenna Placement


For optimum GPS signal reception, make sure that the antenna is fitted to the highest point of the vehicle away from any obstructions that may block satellite reception. The GPS antenna works best with a metal ground plane underneath, silver foil, or a metal plate beneath the antenna can improve reception significantly if you don’t have a large metal roof.

Acquiring Satellite Lock

Tall buildings or trees can block GNSS signals, causing a reduction in the number and quality of satellites being tracked, leading to inaccurate position measurements and a noisy velocity signal.

GNSS works best in open areas/ Avoid tree lined roads

GPS Coldstart

If VBOX Video HD2 is struggling to acquire satellite lock, a GPS coldstart may be required. This may be necessary when the unit hasn’t been used for a number of days or has dramatically moved location since its last use.

To perform a coldstart, press and hold the REC button on the front of the unit for 5 seconds until the unit beeps once.  Once the unit has reacquired satellite lock, the GPS LED should show solid Green.

12a (1).png

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